She is toxic to me,
But I can’t stop.
I Love
And want to be loved.
It makes me sick to my stomach
But that’s better than nothing.
Taken something strong and rigid
And made it fragile.
The slightest touch will shatter it.
A crescendo effect
That’s dangerous but looks beautiful.
The more rigid
The easier it shatters.
The pain can be lovely.
It sickens me,
But it loves me.
Constant pain is proof of life.
It lengthens the day,
But shortens my life.
To love is bliss.
I fucking hate
The power you have over me
The constant rain inside my room
Is the only way to relieve the pressure.
The dam will only hold for so long.
I hate
Myself for being like this,
What can I do?
It trickles
And that slowly saves my life,
But It builds,
And that could end my life.

I don’t need the toxic,
But I want it.